Monday, November 27, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving was once again a wonderful family affair...and way too much food. Eating with both families, my parents and then the in-laws, proved to be quite a gastric challenge. Don't get me wrong, the food was absolutely incredible, skillfully and lovingly prepared by mom and mom-in-law alike.

However, there's only so much room in your stomach to put everything! Not that I'm complaining. No, sitting around the table watching my mother help my daughter eat, seeing my husband cut up my son's turkey and try to force a green bean down his throat, made me truly appreciate the family I have.

We have been so fortunate and blessed that it's hard to list all the things to be thankful for. Isn't amazing how some things just don't seem that important in the grand scheme of things? I mean, so the power bill is due and there's only $2.79 in your checking account. I have someone I can call and complain to...or borrow the money from.

And so, there are times when my daughter has an attitude the size of Texas and I have to remind her of her place in the world and our household. At least she's with me to hug and love on unlike those who just spent their first of many holidays without a loved one. And so, my son has to wear hearing aids. At least he likes them! And God has equipped me to teach him how to deal with them and teach him American Sign Language for now and future use.

Yes, God is good, God is on his throne and God loves me and mine more than I can comprehend. God is so faithful to provide, teach, and discipline his children. What a joy to call Him my Heavenly Father. Now that's something to be thankful for!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Long time no chat

I don't have much to blog about today. Haven't really had much to blog about period. I guess that's why several months have passed without an entry. However, I think it would be a good idea to get back in the habit of it.

One thing I've learned recently is how precious life is. Of course, I've always realized that, but haven't had it really hit home how truly blessed most of us are in one way or another. Because Hannah Sobeski and her family belonged to First Baptist Church, our family kept up with them through their caring bridge website.

On November 9th, Lauryn's 8th birthday, Hannah was escorted home into the Lord's presence. Because we had prayed so much for her and her family, and read about her everyday, we really felt a spiritual connection with her and those who were praying for her. Hannah's life counted. Hannah made sure that before she left this earth, she touched as many people for her Savior as possible. We were discussing the amazing way God used this 18 year old girl and the impact she had on those around her when my daughter looked up and said, "I want to be like Hannah." WOW! What an incredible legacy. My daughter wants to be like Hannah because she was faithful servant of God; a willing vessel. And my daughter wants to be like that.

I'm also thanking God for the reminder to hold my children a little closer, give extra hugs and kisses and heap praise upon their heads. To teach them to walk in the ways of the Lord and to pray for them without ceasing. One day I want someone to say, "I want to be like Lynette. She really loves the Lord and gives him her all!" When I approach the throne of Christ, more than anything, I want Him to say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."