Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A God Kind of Pride

A God Kind of Pride

No, I didn’t misspell “good”. I don’t know how many of you have children, but it seems to me mine are always teaching me a lesson – whether I want to learn it or not.

Today, we were in Chick Fil A. The owner of this particular store is on my husband’s Board of Directors of his ministry, so my children know Mr. Matt pretty well. (Believe me, we’re in that restaurant enough that we should be on a first name basis with every single employee!)

Anyway, last night, my husband, Jack, had made up some business cards for me. My daughter, Lauryn, just thought they were the coolest. She was dying to give one to somebody and to tell that person that her mother was the author of the book listed on the card.

She found them in my purse and without my knowledge, went up to Mr. Matt and gave him a card, explaining that, “My mom is an author. She wrote that book and it’s going to be out in February of next year. This is her card. You can keep it so you know what to look for when you go buy her book.”

She is soooooo proud of me and wants to tell anyone and everyone who will listen all about her mom, the author. (Yes, she’s eight, so right now, I’m cool. Ask me in a few years if my status has changed.) But her pride in me and my work fills me with delight. It just makes me feel so good that my child is proud of me.

I started thinking about this and just the wonderful feelings it gave me to know that she was proud of her mom. And then I thought, I bet God feels this way (times about a zillion) when His children brag on Him! Brag on Him to others and also to Him.

When was the last time you told God you were proud of Him? When was the last time you told someone else about the wonderful work God does? After watching my daughter this morning and thanking God for blessing me by allowing this beautiful child to be born to me, I just wanted to brag on God for His AWESOME work! (I believe that's known as worship...ha.)

So, I encourage you, as God’s child, go ahead and make His day…Tell someone how wonderful He is, then tell God. (Yeah, He knows you think so, but I bet He’d delight in hearing you tell him anyway.)

Have a blessed day woshipping the King of Kings!

Until next time…