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Eason Christmas Letter 2006

The Easons’ 2006 Christmas Letter

Hello Friends and Family! Merry Christmas. I thought I’d defiantly say those two words since it appears that they’re getting close to being outlawed in the US. Ah well, what have the Easons been up to this year?

Well, we started our year off with a bang in January. Jack had an emergency appendectomy (and was back at work the next week…yes, his wife is rolling her eyes.)

In February, we celebrated Will’s 5th birthday at the Pavilion Ice Skating rink in Greenville. We had a great turn out and Will skated circles around everyone (thanks to a couple of 8 week lesson sessions).

Then in March, we celebrated Jack’s birthday. He tries to forget it, but we help him remember anyway. Also in March, we took off to Florida to check out Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and had a blast (pun intended) at Kennedy Space Center. We got to meet a REAL LIVE astronaut. His name is Jack Lousma and he was fantastic. He’d been in space twice and recounted his experiences with enthusiasm and even kept the kids’ interest. Then one week later, Jack and I flew off to Oahu and stayed on Waikiki Beach for a blissful week of rest, relaxation and way too much food! Holy Cow, do you know what a buffet PER PERSON costs there? Let’s just put it this way, $43 was the CHEAP one! It was actually a working trip for Jack, but we managed to go to Hanauma Bay and swim with the colorful fishies, then when we got rained out there, we went on back to Waikiki Beach. When we got rained out there, we finally gave up and went window shopping. Diamond Head was beautiful and I got some way cool video of our cruise on the ocean WHALE WATCHING…before I got seasick. I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say land never looked so good in my entire life. NO MORE BOATS. And I missed the prime rib buffet. Sometimes life just isn’t fair…even if I was in Hawaii.

April brought Spring Break and a brand new nephew. Liam Dorris was born on April 14th and is a real cutie. Lauryn is now bugging us for a little brother or sister and insists on praying about it just about every night. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

May brought the end of school! June and July brought swimming at MawMaw and Grandad’s and playing with Moses and painting at Mimi and Poppi’s. We also managed to get in a week at Dollywood. Fun, fun, fun! It was hard to tell who was having the most fun, Lauryn and Will, or MawMaw and Grandad.

In August, the kids went back to Jesse Boyd Elementary. Will started Kindergarten! I know, I can’t believe it either. Lauryn entered 3rd grade even though she was supposed to be in 2nd. They let her skip on up since she’d scored so high on her end of year achievement test. Halfway through the year, she’s still getting straight A’s and Will is getting all good reports on his report card too. (They don’t get actual letter grades in K-5).

In September, we were able to take our family vacation to Surfside Beach. We spent a week playing in the sand and the water park they had at the resort. Every day was an adventure full of fun and laughter. Not to mention the food…wow. A new restaurant every night. Needless to say, we returned to the YMCA workouts ASAP. In September, I also found out I was pregnant. Unfortunately, after a roller coaster of emotions, ranging from shock to finally excitement, I lost the baby at about 6 weeks. We were sad, but everything happens for a reason. Oh, and I told Lauryn to QUIT praying about a little brother or sister.

In November, we celebrated Lauryn’s 8th birthday with the Mad Science people. Really a GREAT party. Not only entertaining, but educational as well. The kids even got to make their own green slime. They could have made other colors, but as one friend, Louisa, put it, green is more professional. Also in November, Will got his hearing aids. We’d had him tested back in September and the test showed a definite hearing loss. A second opinion confirmed it so he got his aids. He has really adjusted well to them and I’m teaching him sign language every chance I get. (Translate that into when he’ll pay attention.)

And so now we’re into December. Jack continues to travel and I continue to sub at the deaf school several times a week. In January, it looks like I may return to work full time as a teacher in the Multi-handicapped school. They have a teacher retiring and asked if I would be interested in finishing the year. Jack and I talked it over (sort of) and decided I could do that. I’ll make a decision about next school year later.

One more bit of news. I had an editor request my newest manuscript. I sent it off and she sent it back with two pages of revision suggestions and a request for me to send it back after I finish the revisions. So, hopefully, I will finish up and send it off within the next few weeks. Soon after that, I should know whether they want to buy it or not. Feel free to check out the first chapter on my website at Also feel free to send up prayers. I’ll take ‘em.

The Sound of Light is still rocking along. Jack is still writing and recording trying to finish up his next CD. Hopefully, we’ll have more information on that coming soon. Watch his website to find out more about this big event. Also Jack is doing the music at a newly started church called New Life Baptist Fellowship in Boiling Springs, SC. This is a church full of really neat people and we are enjoying making new friends. God is so good!

We wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love, The Easons

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