Monday, August 01, 2011

Sandra Orchard is here - and I'm giving away her new book

Bio: Sandra Orchard lives in rural Ontario, Canada where inspiration abounds for her romantic suspense novels set in the fictional Niagara town she's created as their backdrop. Married with three grown children, when not writing, she enjoys hanging out with family, brainstorming new stories with fellow writers, and hiking or kayaking in God's beautiful creation. Her debut novel Deep Cover is now available on eHarlequin and hits bookstore shelves in September.

This week on Sandra is giving away a signed copy of her novel. If you’re a member of Goodreads, visit Goodreads to enter.

Book Blurb:

Maintaining his cover cost undercover cop Rick Gray the woman he loved. Sweet Ginny Bryson never really knew Rick. He never gave her the chance. Not then, and not now, when he's back with a new alias to gather evidence against Ginny's uncle. The man's crimes led to Rick's partner's death, and Rick wants justice to be served. But his investigation is stirring up trouble, and Ginny is smack-dab in the middle. Someone wants Ginny to pay the price for what her uncle has done. But how can Rick protect her without blowing his cover, jeopardizing his assignment...and risking both their lives?

Deep Cover is the first book in the series, Undercover Cops: Fighting for justice puts their lives—and hearts—on the line.

Book 2 ~ Shades of Truth ~ March 2012
A compassionate youth worker fighting to preserve her dying father’s legacy battles the justice-driven detective who threatens her mission and her heart.

Book 3 ~ Dose of Deception ~ TBA (title tentative)
A nurse. An undercover cop. A killer who’ll stop at nothing to avoid being caught.

What reviewers are saying about Deep Cover:
“4 Stars. Great job…a good mystery, interesting characters and a satisfying ending.” ~ Romantic Times

“5 stars. A fast-paced, exciting, romantic story and awesome, fresh writing…” ~ Goodreads reader

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Teaser from the front of the book:

Rick took her face in his hands. “I only care about keeping you safe.”
His soft words turned her inside out.

His intense drive to protect her was one of the things she’d loved most about him, because all her life she’d been the one doing the protecting.

It had felt good to lean on someone else.

Then he’d left, and the dove hanging from her rearview mirror became her reminder that she needed to lean on God alone. Except Rick had come back and wanted to be her protector.

Unspoken regrets shadowed his eyes. “I honestly don’t know whether some psychotic protestor or one of your uncle’s enemies or one of mine has targeted you. But I promise you I’ll figure it out and put a stop to him.”

“I? Uh, uh. Whether you like it or not, we’re in this together. No more secrets.”

Lynette here: If you'd like to win a copy of this fabulous book, leave a comment for Sandra telling her why you'd like to read her newest release.

God Bless to you all!


Sandra Orchard said...

Thanks so much for having me Lynette!

Sally said...
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Sally said...

Good morning! I would love to win a copy of this book. I have not read anything by Sandra Orchard, and this premise of undercover cop sounds great. It sounds like a lot of different things going on, and I'd love to read this to see how it is all resolved. Sandra, I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series either. How do you come up with your story lines?Thanks!
Sally Shupe
106 Lamour Ln
Newport VA 24128

Sandra Orchard said...

Hi Sally, thanks for stopping by. This is my first published book, but two more in the series will follow next year. :) The ideas for story lines come from everywhere you can imagine. The book I'm beginning to plot now was prompted by the visit of my friend's handsome male homecare nurse :) The concept for this series was prompted by my wondering how Christian undercover cops reconcile the deceptions they're obligated to do with their faith, and the fallout in their personal lives

Digging for Pearls said...

Hello Sandra! Of course you know I can't wait to get my hands on your debut novel. :) I'm so excited for you. Even though historical is usually what I tend to read, I'm excited about expanding my horizons through your novel.

Jodie Wolfe

P.S. Loved the promo.

Jo said...

Hi Sandra,

I love finding out about new authors and reading their books. I am always interested in reading books that have to do with the law and this sounds like a great book.


Sandra Orchard said...

Thanks Jo, I appreciate the vote of confidence

Hey, Jodie, my comment to you doesn't seem to have posted. I must not have read those silly letters right to bypass the spammer screen. LOL. I'm happy to be the one to expand your reading horizons.

Kav said...

I am excited to read a Canadian author with a Canadian setting! Whoohooo!!!!!! Congratulations on your debut novel. Love the snippet you shared. I have to say that I am a fan of LI Suspense. It always amazes me how you authors manage to pace both suspense and romance in these fast-action plots with your limited word count. Now that's talent! I'll be sure to order your book in a couple of days when I do my September purchasing. Have to support a fellow Canuck, eh? LOL

Sandra Orchard said...

Thanks so much Kav, Love your enthusiasm! I remember the first time I read a Carolyne Aarsen LI book (from Alberta), I was so excited to read about a familiar place and to see that she was Canadian, too. Gave me hope that I might one day write for them too. ~grin

Sally said...

Sandra, thanks for your reply. I hadn't thought about Christian undercover cops and how their job could go against their Christianity. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Thanks again for replying!!

Sheri Salatin said...

A town set near Niagara? That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing, Sandra and thank you for hosting Lynette.

I would like to read these books because I have never read any books by Sandra and I love to try new authors and blog about them!! :)

Melinda said...

Oh what a great opportunity to get your hands on this book. The cover is awesome and I would love to win it

Niagara is so beautiful

Thanks for sharing

Walk in harmony,

Sandra Orchard said...

Sheri and Melinda, Yes, I love the Niagara region. Sandwiched between two gorgeous lakes with lots of woodlands and rivers to explore. And coyotes...I mention them, because my line editor for my second book had a hard time reconciling nearby beaches with coyotes yipping. LOL

Pamela J said...

Sandra, I'm so thrilled to get to meet another author whose FIRST book is coming out. I'm counting it a blessing to 'meet' you and look forward to reading all you have-and-will write. The ones so far sound very good... can hardly wait!
Pam Williams
cepjwms at wb4me dot com

Sandra Orchard said...

So happy to 'meet' you, Pam. Are you a writer, too? Wondering because of the 'first' comment. :)

Pamela J said...

Oh no, I am not a writer... at least not a published one. I've written a few short devotionals that I had hoped some day would make it into the hands of readers but may never be. The 'FIRST' was emphasizing that your book is the beginning of many that will come as the years progress. I'm ALWAYS excited to cheer the newly published authors on when their FIRST is coming out, knowing the road to more is before them: anticipating an exciting adventure.

Sandra Orchard said...

Oh, Pam, you're so encouraging. Maybe, you should start blogging devotionals for writers. I'd subscribe. :)

BreeBree said...

Hi. My name is Breanna Lane. I am an avid reader and writer! I'm currently writing the final draft of my first book! I love anything Lynette Eason writes and I'm sure I would love this book too. I hope you will pick me! Thank you.
2399 Shelby Road.
Madison, VA

Sandra Orchard said...

Congratulations, BreeBree! Finishing revisions on your first book is definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating. I'm thinking chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Lynette Eason said...

Hi all, looks like we've got a lively discussion going on here. Awesome! And thanks, Breanna, for loving my books! I appreciate that! I promise you'll love Sandra's, too.