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Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt Stop #23

Welcome to the 2013 Fall Scavenger Hunt! This hunt has 25 stops and runs 10/18-10/20. You can make the loop, reading unique content from 25 different authors, and if you complete the loop, and fill out the Rafflecopter form at Stop #25, you'll be in the running for an iPad Mini, or one of two runner-up prizes---all 25 of our new releases in paperback. In addition, some authors are offering additional prizes, so be sure to read each post thoroughly to be in the running for all that are available. The contest is open internationally.

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Just be aware that you have to have the COMPLETED phrase in order, which you construct gathering the clue at each stop, within 24 hours of email notification from Lisa Bergren that you won. If Lisa doesn't hear back from you with the correct phrase within the time limit, she will move on to the next winner to enter. Ready? Here we go...



Olivia, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’ve been married for over thirty years and have two twenty-something kids. We live in stunning Colorado at the foot of the Rockies, where the day lilies in my back yard grow as tall as I am. (No short jokes, please.)
Not every piece of my life is pretty, though. Some days I want to throw out whole chunks. But I am living each day looking for the grace of God to me, in me, and through me. Having your companionship along the way will help uncover a lot of great stories.

 Olivia has shared pictures with us that she used for the inspiration in her newest novel.

Glessner Bedroom

Glessner House

(Some backstory from the heroine Sarah Cummings when she was eleven years old)
Eleven-year-old Sarah Cummings set her jaw and rolled her eyes. Margaret Eddington, full of tales again, patted the bun on one side of her head. Sarah smirked. Margaret probably did not even know her hair was drooping out of its clip at the end of the school day.
            “I must go.” Sarah shook the dark ringlets her mother had rolled meticulously the evening before, and they shuddered across her shoulders. “My mother is expecting me. We’re having a special dinner tonight to celebrate my father’s promotion at Mr. Field’s store.”
            Margaret put her hands on her hips. “I’m not finished telling you about the party.”
            Sarah smiled with graciousness that would have pleased her manners-minded mother but pivoted nevertheless. She tightened the strap around her books and scooted across the schoolyard, down the sidewalk, over four blocks, and around the back of the small square two story home to the kitchen door she knew would be unlocked. It was Tuesday. Sarah sniffed for the fragrance of fresh baked bread.
            Instead she inhaled the drenching overindulgence of Mrs. Fordyce’s perfume. The gray-haired neighbor sat pale and stiff in a kitchen chair, her ankles crossed and a black hat and bag in the lap of her navy blue dress. Sarah’s fist unfolded, and her books thudded to the linoleum floor.
            “Do you have a small carpet bag?” Mrs. Fordyce asked.
            Sarah nodded as her throat thickened.
            “Let’s go pack it. I’ve made all the arrangements.”
            “May I ask what arrangements, ma’am?”
            Mrs. Fordyce cleared her throat. “Your parents had an accident this morning. Their driver was going much too fast, I’m afraid, and the carriage overturned on State Street. I’m sorry.”
            “Are we going to the hospital?” Sarah’s stomach burned.
            “If only that were true.” Mrs. Fordyce stood up. “You’ll just need two dresses, I think. I shouldn’t bother with hair ribbons, if I were you. They’ll only be stolen.”
            Sarah put a hand to the green band that kept her hair off her face. “If we’re not going to the hospital, where are we going? Where are my parents?”
            “I’m sorry. I thought I was clear. Your parents did not survive the accident. It’s my understanding you have no other relatives.”
            “My father was an only child, and my mother’s brother died when they were children.”
            “Then I have assessed the situation accurately, I’m afraid. We’ll get your things and go straight to St. Andrew’s.”
            Sarah’s stomach clenched in refusal to cry in front of Mrs. Fordyce.
            Within thirty minutes they stood outside the mammoth brick building. Mrs. Fordyce did not even go in with her.

If you've enjoyed this short excerpt, you'll be sure to love the whole book. You can find it here:

Christian Book Distributors

Olivia's contact information is:
TWITTER: @OliviaNewport

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 Here is your clue: encourages you

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