Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December already??

How can this be? I haven't even taken my kids' Christmas picture to send out to the bazillion folks who are expecting it. I haven't gotten the tree skirt under the tree yet. Of course I have been a little busy with homeschooling and writing and laundry and co-ops and getting a new dishwasher (yay!) and piano lessons, karate lessons, acting lessons, drum lessons, a little more writing, and and and....

Okay, so maybe the Christmas letter won't get out this year. Is it really that important? I'm trying to decide. On the one hand, I've heard that a one-page dissertation on the happenings of your family is egotistical and boring to some people. On the other hand, I know of some who will be greatly offended if I don't send it out. And the list of "receivers" has grown so long, it actually costs about a paycheck to mail it to every one, not to mention the cost of printing the pictures that accompany the letter. Bah humbug? No, just wondering....If anyone has any comments on this, please feel free to let me know.

And be sure to stop by on December 5th for an interview with Barbara Phinney and the chance to win a copy of her latest Steeple Hill Suspense release Deadly Homecoming.


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Pamela J said...

I think you are doing the important thing right now, judging from the LIST of what you are doing! I wrote my 1ST YEARLY NEWSLETTER and sent it to everyone... about 15 years ago. Never did do another one. No one said they missed it and I've never had the time or postage to do another one.
Pam W