Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Killer Among Us - Romantic Times Review

I love to get a good review. Who doesn't? Just thought I'd share this one with you. Can't wait for you to get your hands on this last book in the Women of Justice Series!

"The third book in Eason’s Women of Justice series is a nail-biter from start to finish. It’s not easy to pinpoint the truly evil villain from the cast of characters, which adds to the suspense. The romance is believable and sweet, just the right balance with the rest of the novel." - RT Magazine

Hostage negotiator Kit Kenyon is good at her job, but Noah Lambert doesn’t want another female partner after his last one was killed. Soon, the two are thrown into a frightening case involving a serial killer, and that person seems to be targeting Kit. Can Noah and Kit work together to find the identity of the villain before it’s too late? (REVELL, May, 352 pp., $14.99)

I would love to hear what you think about this story. Also, stay tuned for something exciting happening related to this series. I really think you're going to love it.


Trinity Rose said...

I'm really looking forward to your next book. I appreciate your talent.
Trinity Rose

Lynette said...

Thanks so much, Trinity Rose! I appreciate that.

kaskaggs said...

May is just the right time. School will be out soon. I can sit down and read your book all in one sitting.