Monday, March 28, 2011

Vacation time?

Hi all,

Sitting up here at the beach working. Supposed to be on vacation, but I my brain never stops working and my fingers always itch to type, so...thought I would give you a shout out and say hello from North Myrtle. We ate at the Boundary House for supper. Just me and the hubby. It was quite nice. If you like a great steak or an awesome flounder, this is the place to go.

I'll be back soon with some writing tips. If you have anything you'd like to discuss, writing, books, etc., send me an email or leave a comment and I'll try to address it.

Have a great week!



Beth Goddard said...

Great blog, Lynette!

Sheri said...

Great blog, Lynette!
So I have a writing question and you might not want to answer it, since I imagine the answer may be quite indepth or not...:o)

How do you work through the middle of your books? Basically, how do you keep the middle from becoming boring? I'm talking about the parts between the really big catastrophes.

Okay, so if it's a dumb question, don't answer, otherwise I'll be on the edge of my seat. :o)