Friday, October 12, 2012

Sandra Orchard, author of Critical Condition, is here!

Sandra Orchard hails from Niagara Canada, but we first got to know each other in my home state, when we roomed together at the 2010 Writer’s Police Academy. 

We’re the smiling ones on either end of the pic, and in true cop form, we’ve smudged out the rest of the faces to protect their identities.
She likes to tell people that she’s been following in my footsteps ever since. She has three books out with Love Inspired Suspense and will debut with Revell Publishing in June 2013. And this month, we share the LIS shelf space.

Critical Condition is the third book in Sandra’s series, Undercover Cops: Fighting for justice puts their lives—and hearts—on the line. Deep Cover, the first book in the series won the 2012 Canadian Christian Writing Award and earned Sandra a spot on Family Fiction magazines top ten books of year in their Reader’s Choice Awards.

There's a murderer in the hospital, and nurse Tara Peterson is determined to prove it. With mysterious deaths in the cancer ward, anyone could be next. But no one wants to believe her…except undercover agent Zach Davis. The murderer wants Tara's suspicions silenced, permanently. To protect Tara, Zach lets her in on his secret, and unwittingly into his heart. Tara and her three-year-old daughter are like the family he lost years before. Zach will risk everything to keep them safe, no matter the cost.

What reviewers are saying about Critical Condition:
“4 ½ Stars. "Well-developed characters and fast-paced action will keep readers fully engaged in this wonderful tribute to spouses struggling with a loved one’s illness.” ~ Romantic Times

“5 stars. I can say that I am loving this series and hope it doesn't end with this book.” ~ Goodreads reader

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Tease from Critical Condition:

“What I’m about to tell you is for your ears alone. Understand?”
A flicker of confusion crossed her face, but she nodded. 
Zach glanced around to make sure no one was listening in. “My name is Zach Davis.”
Her gaze dropped to his hospital badge—Zach Reynolds—and she scooted closer to her daughter.
“I’m a cop, working undercover to investigate the deaths you reported.”
“You are?” she said excitedly. “Why didn’t Detective Gray tell me?”
“The fewer people who know, the less likely my cover will be compromised. You are the only one at the hospital who knows why I’m really here.”
“I won’t tell anyone…I promise. In fact, I can help you.”
“I’d appreciate that.” Tara’s inside knowledge could prove invaluable to closing this case quickly.
“Cop,” Tara’s daughter Suzie parroted. With the purple crayon clutched in her chubby fist, she drew a circle on her paper, jabbed dots in the middle, and scratched two lines from the bottom. “Dak, cop,” she repeated gleefully.  
Zach’s heart sank. This assignment had just gotten a whole lot more complicated.


squiresj said...

We cannot have no comments on a blog. You work too hard for that. I love what I read. Would love to read and review this book.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Sandra Orchard said...

Thanks for sharing about my book, Lynette. And for commenting, squires :)

pol said...

Lynette is a good author and shares with the fans, like to read both of your books.
Hope your weekend is a good one.
Paula O(

Nancee said...

Thank you for the great review of Critical Condition. I love medical mysteries, and Sandra's latest release sounds like another thriller!

Megan Parsons said...

I would love to win this book! makeighleekyleigh at

Dana Wilkerson Spille said...

Sounds like this would be a really good book to read .Love to win a copy Please .Thank you ,Dana "Girl" Spille